What Does This Site Do?

It allows you to quickly determine how much luck you had while playing online poker. Simply upload your hand history and the PokerLuckMeter will output your luck analysis. It does this by using a range of statistical algorithms to show your ‘luck factor’. This factor is a number on a scale from 0 (extremely unlucky) to 100 (extremely lucky). The site will also show you how much money you were expected to make vs how much you have actually made during a given online poker session.

Poker Chances Meter

Why Analyze Poker Chance?

Chance plays a significant role in the game of poker. Even though, in the long term, one can expect to have average luck, the short term effect of luck can be very large. To comfortably dismiss effects of luck one has to play on the order of one million hands. However, very few players (the very best ones) are capable of ignoring the effects of short term misfortune. Most of players will considerably change their strategy in the face of a relatively few unlucky events, sometimes leading to very disastrous consequences. Everyone who has ever gone on tilt will have a first hand experience with this.

Your overall winnings over a short term period can vary considerably based on the luck you have had. Furthermore, it is very difficult to get a firm grasp on how much luck one has had without running a mathematical analysis on one’s actual hand history.

This site can help poker players learn to overcome the negative effects of short term luck by:

  1. Explaining the mathematical background of luck related calculations
  2. Analyzing the ‘poker luck factor’ during a player’s online poker session