How do I upload files?

There are two ways to upload files: the “Upload File” button or the Java applet. We recommend using the applet, as it will automatically compress the files to significantly reduce the upload time. As well, the applet supports uploading of multiple files.

If you have any problems with the Java applet, use the “Browse…” and “Upload File” buttons instead.

Will my hand history be used for any other purpose?

A privacy policy will address this issue.

No, it will not. We respect your privacy and promise to maintain the confidentiality of your data. Hand history files will not be sold or shared with third parties.

Where do I find my hand history files?

All of the poker rooms the Poker Luckmeter supports are capable of automatically saving hand histories to your computer’s hard drive. To learn how to enable this feature for your poker room, click here.

Many poker rooms also allow users to request hand histories through email. Although this is a slower method and is limited to small number of hands per request, it may be the only option if you need to review hands which occurred before you enabled automatic hand history saving. Click here to read about how to request hand histories through email.

It seems like I am always unlucky. What can I do to improve my luck?

Because the Poker Luckmeter measures a form of luck that cannot be affected by any kind of strategic decisions, there is no scientific way to improve the results. However, you are welcome to try superstitious methods — random acts of kindness to increase your karma perhaps, or some sort of luck charms. Or you could always try your luck at a different poker room.

How are the Poker Luckmeter results calculated?

A full description of our statistical methods will address this issue.

The definition of luck used by the Poker Luckmeter is the difference between all-in expected value and realized equity. When this difference is positive, your good luck is reported in green on the luck graph, and in red when it is negative.

The Luck Meter reports your luck as a percentile, comparing your results with all possible results from a similar session. The number it reports represents how frequently you should expect to experience luck that is worse that what occurred in your session. A luck percentile of 15% indicates that only 15 out of 100 random sessions would have worse luck whereas a luck percentile of 98% means that your luck in that session was so good only 2 out of 100 sessions are likely to be luckier.

What use is the Poker Luckmeter to me?

An article describing how to use the Poker Luckmeter to improve your game will address this issue.

The Poker Luckmeter results were very different from what I had expected. What happened?
There are two possible answers to this question. Firstly, it is possible that critical events in your poker session were influenced by a type of luck that the Poker Luckmeter does not measure. This could cause what felt like a very unlucky session to be reported as lucky or vice versa.

The other possibility is that the Poker Luckmeter has processed your hand history incorrectly. If you think this is the case, let us know about it, either on the forums or through email and we will look into it. Our development staff is always on the lookout for new bugs to quash.

What poker rooms does the Poker Luckmeter support?

The Poker Luckmeter currently supports Texas Hold’em cash games and tournaments from these poker rooms:

  • Poker Stars
  • Full Tilt Poker
  • Party Poker

I play at another poker room. When will my favorite poker room be supported?

While we do have plans to add support for additional online poker rooms, our overworked developers’ time needs to be carefully prioritized. There is currently no scheduled release date for additional poker room support.

I play another form of poker, such as Omaha or Seven-Card Stud. When will that game be supported?
We currently have no plans to support additional poker games. However, significant demand expressed on our forums or through email could convince us to change this policy.

What are Sklansky dollars? Does the Poker Luckmeter calculate them?

A full description of our statistical methods will address this issue.

Sklansky dollars are a measurement of your equity throughout a poker hand. The Poker Luckmeter calculates this value once you are all-in, but cannot measure it at other times in the hand.

How is rake handled?

Rake comes directly out of the pots that you win, and so directly affects the realized profit line on the luck graph. Rake has no effect on your luck percentile.